Saturday, 1 August 2015

A quick summary and hello

Hi there, I'm alive. Coughing and having the flu during my second week of being in Australia, but alive. The more reason to stay in bed and do silly things such as rambling on the internet. Hello again! That exclamation mark was not a poor attempt to add some positive vibes to this intro, nu-uh. For those who do not know me, you can call me Cyn, I hail from The Netherlands and I'm exploring the lands down under as an exchange student at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. It will be a short journey; lasting approximately 5-6 months, but time does not measure the amount of impact this journey will have. I am certain that it will be filled with gateways to inspiration and drool-worthy beauty.

Anyways, here I am, more than one month away from home. The first two weeks were spend in Malaysia. The flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur wasn't such a tedious one. I forgot about time by writing a lot, watching movies, and above all: sleeping. I can't quite describe what this holiday was like, it felt too surreal. This was my first time going afar without my parents. To give a quick overview, here are some pictures from Malaysia, ranging from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, Ipoh and Malacca:
Snapshots from July 4th - 19th; the country of my childhood dreams.

I arrived in Sydney on a sunny Monday, the 20th of July: the dreamlike escapade from the previous two weeks quickly made place for reality. New bank account, health insurance, public transport card, phone, etc etc. The official welcome at UNSW commenced on Wednesday. I was mostly busy trying to organize myself, desperately making use of notebooks, planners, my new university's online platform and several e-mail accounts. Quite ironically, one of my courses required me to express the media/typography I've been exposed to during one week. I think my result sums up how Sydney has felt like so far:
An impression of my second week in Sydney.

My days mostly consisted of trying to find my way around Sydney, reading about courses, comparing timetables and everything else that's related to settling at a new university in a new city. Other than that, I've only been finding solace in the usual communication with humans on the other side of the world, listening to music and reading poetry. Arriving in Sydney didn't feel like such a big deal at first, but gradually my many To-Do's and notes started to overwhelm me.

No worries, though. Like I said, I'm still alive. Even though the above illustration does not express it, I've found beauty in this new country as well. The usual places, really. Playing tourist is always fun, along with quite ridiculous behaviour, a sudden narcissistic tendency and a new-found love between me and my phone with internet. Where was I? 

Oh right, places. You know the drill: Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, The Rocks, spotting koalas and kangaroos (or rather, wallabies) in some wildlife park, Darling Harbour... I did not go to the beaches yet, but I did find myself some nice hiding place: the Jenolan Caves. Yup, I could feel at home there, sketching and writing poetry by the candlelight while waiting for starvation or for the bats to kidnap me. I'm a cave's person after all. 

But let's not bore you too much with words, I know you're just here for the pictures. Here you go, just something quick I did because it takes too long to make another collage:

The above video is just a short overview, I will probably visit these places more often. Remind me to take my muse with me so I can tell you more about them in detail.

For those who know me, you must be shocked with me sharing so much. Posting to youtube, pictures of myself in the open air. You might think: "WHAT HAPPENED?!" Well, one of my courses requires me to make use of Twitter, and some assignments have to be uploaded to Youtube or Flickr, so yeah. If I have to do this I'll do it all, so to say. It might help me getting my stuff organised instead of stuffing everything in a folder in another folder in another folder with ambiguous titles which I know will fool no one. 

In the meantime I'm still coughing lying in bed. I think I'll stop talking for today, might tell you about UNSW in my next post. Have a nice day! 

And no, I have not been bitten by crocodiles or giant spiders.

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