Friday, 21 August 2015

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

This morning I threw my school backpack aside and armed myself with an Aztec-patterned backpack, my baseball jacket (which is not mine) and the cap I bought in Malaysia from the shop's male's department. Yup, I was ready to toss aside uni work today. Well, not really, I still took my computing book with me. I wonder when I'll ever learn that trains and me are only meant to sleep together, not read together, but it was worth the try.

So why this "rebellious act"? Just trying to see what works with my four days off. Today's menu presented me: nice, sunny weather and a friend to do the coastal walk with. This is where it started:

First sight at Bondi beach.

The waves were magnificent, nothing compared to the ones I had during surf camp. Big translucent waves rumbled across the ocean's surface just to break down in foam. Sometimes I was reminded of a glacial shift; whatever was left of the foam would spread out until the idea of water washed out of your sight. I was tempted to jump in there and make a snow angel. 

The gaps throughout the foam remind me of footsteps on snow.

Most people would start walking from Coogee to Bondi, instead of vice versa. I found out why very quickly. The first few minutes I was heading towards Bronti beach went like this: uphill, uphill, uphill. If I keep exploring Sydney each week, I might be able to reach my weekly exercise quota. I can hardly complain, though, because the view was worth the effort. I could stare at the waves forever; their sounds and movements are mesmerizing. On the way I spotted a few surfers in the distance too, who could actually weave throughout the waves effortlessly. It almost tempted me to plan a day out along with a wetsuit and a surfboard. I cannot imagine the thrill those surfers must be feeling from actually being "one with the wave", as cheesy as it sounds. If that's too zen for you, perhaps consider being lost in the waves while dabbling your toes in a swimming pool. I came across quite some swimming pools, and I can imagine the pool seeming infinite as it seems to extend into the ocean.

Behold the magnificence of the waves.

The morning did not only consist of looking at waves, though. There were rocks and cliffs to climb on. Many people found themselves a nice place atop some cooling rock and just sat there. I would do that if I ever seek alone-time again (when don't I seek alone-time?). It would be a good excuse to fill up my sketchbook again. The shapes alongside the coast were quite interesting; wavy like the oceans; full of holes like sea sponge or just big and textured the way most rocks are. As wrong as it sounds, I am starting to think that I have a touching-obsession because I like to memorize textures.

Look! It's something other than just water. :)

Oh, oh! More water!

While cluttering up these rocks I was just looking around me and noticing some of the apartments there. I wonder what these beaches will be like at night, whether there will be as many stars as my first night at surf camp. I bet not, since it's near the city, but I would still enjoy some nights out along these beaches even though they're smaller. Beaches would be replaced by cliffs and cliffs would be replaced by beaches, that explains the long walk. Perhaps this adds to the intimacy of the beaches, some would be so small and empty, you could almost use them as a private beach. I found one where boats are docked. It was probably less crowded there because there were more rocks throughout the sand. Plus: many people were hiding in the shadows cast by cliffs. I think I found myself another cave.

This is just me posing ever so awkwardly; marking my temporary territory.

I don't know what it is with me and taking pictures of myself. I agree that it makes some pictures livelier, but I just can't bring myself to pose with the intention of creating a nice pic. I guess I was never born a model, but then again it is so inconvenient to take pictures of myself. Unless ... a) I buy myself a selfie stick, b) I suddenly become less awkward when asking random strangers for a favour. None of those options really appeal to me, sad to say. Oh, and remember my resolution of not spamming the camera button that much? I failed. 88 pictures within half a day, just because I wanted to make sure I would have nice shots. I am awfully tempted to join the photography club at uni; they say they even teach you tricks to smartphone photography.

Other than waves and rocks, I also happened to pass by a graveyard. Some might think it odd to be fascinated by it, but as a teenager I went through this phase of being fascinated by the dark. Actually, I found beauty in it due to its mystery and peace. I could never fathom the idea of being caged in a coffin, though. As Alysia Harris once said in Death Poem: "If we believe in life after death, then I often wonder why we assume the dead like coffins, when people were never meant to live in boxes". Although I must say that the area I passed would be quite a nice to be buried in, I still prefer to have my ashes scattered across an ocean.

Here's where your conscience rests.

After the graveyard, it did not take much time to reach the last beach: Coogee. I was told to eat fish and chips at the end of my coastal walk, but apparently the best fish and chips was located at Bondi. Another reason why I should've done a Coogee to Bondi walk instead of vice versa. Not like I was starving, though. I chewed quite some bread during the walk while my friend kept nudging me about staying hydrated. I guess I wouldn't want to get as ill and dehydrated as I was during my first week in Sydney. By the way, I think I am getting addicted to spread cheese. Eating bread doesn't feel so dry that way, with the lack of butter.

At last: Coogee Beach.

All in all, it was a nice morning walk. I went to China town afterwards, this is where the Paddy markets are: the place to buy your cheap souvenirs. Too bad I already bought most of them so most of the time I just kept drooling at the accessories which I wouldn't buy because I always wear the same accessories. Then there were so many nice knives that I wished I had the guts to be illegal, but I don't think my friends back home would appreciate it if I kept poking them with something so dangerous. Then again, everything that lands in my hands becomes dangerous because I'm a clumsy one, but that's another story to be told.

Such Asian-ness. Meow.

I stayed at the Paddy markets for quite a while then walked towards the Sydney Tower Eye. Across this well-known building would be Rip Curl, the place to pick up my free cap and T-shirt from surfcamp, and so I did. I enjoy these kind of walks, just roaming through the city with no worries about time and space. At most I'd have to worry about cars. I'd ban them if I could and make everyone use public transport or ride a bike. Yup, that's it, a bike revolution in Sydney. That would be something. Nah, the city is too big for that. Hence I had to head back home around 17.00 already; and here I am. Haven't showered yet, but at least I'm oh so dedicated to my blog. I hope I can keep it up. Keep an eye on me. ;)

Yea ... that's the Eye ...

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