Saturday, 29 August 2015

Shutter-spamming at Circular Quay

Thursday noon and Friday night I was hanging around Circular Quay (you pronounce it as Circular Key, I don't know why but it is what it is :p). If you ever come to Sydney, this is the train station that's opposite the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the Museum of Contemporary Art. However, this was not my purpose of coming there, but I'll unveil my secret to you in my next post. ;)

For now, I just enjoyed clutching to my phone and stuffing its photographic memory. The perks of being an Asian is that people will just consider you one of those many other silly tourists, though I still find it awkward to take too many pictures, especially of people.

The Sydney Opera House; Sydney's jewel. It's probably one of the first things you'll be visiting. I thought it's getting a bit boring by now so I added this ship that's crashing into it.

If you're coming from the station, this building is what you'll find behind it. I don't know what it is but it's quite rare to see classical buildings in Sydney. Nope, we're not in Europe anymore. 

Don't be sad, though. At least we're not that poor man on the left, probably going to his office job. I am still dreading the day I get kicked out of the safe harbour that's university. The day life pushes me onto a ship then forces me to walk the plank of office doom. The horrors...

Maybe he's heading towards this building. When I first saw the reflection in it I thought it spelled words but I couldn't make anything out of it despite the idea that it still seemed like a bunch of letters. I couldn't figure out where this reflection came from so I stood there standing like an idiot for quite a while. 

But hey. it's another classical building. I find it oddly beautiful to find these surrounded by palm trees. Something seems not right. I'm such a dutch squirrel.

I think this bridge would be nice if it was invaded by squirrels. Squirrel Bridge instead of Harbour Bridge. It's better than apes. If you've seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes, you'll know what I mean. To me the most compelling part of the bridge is not seen from this angle, though. Not just because it's too dark. Last night I went underneath it, and the structure is amazing. Now I know why engineers love triangles. Also the way it was fixated by giant screws had an artistic feel to it. Quite sadly I couldn't take a picture of it. I'm sorry if I sound high.

If the bridge or Opera House don't interest you, perhaps consider taking this taxi. I have no idea how it works and where it will take you. Beware.

Perhaps taking the ferry is a safer option. This is how I got to Watson's Bay last time. I still need to eat fish and chips ...

But if you're prone to getting sea-sick you might want to consider just drowning in art. 

Or sit on these steps, staring at the harbour. You can also take a look at those cafes/bars, they should be more crowded by night.

See, it's humans. :)

And ... more bars. Touristic haven eh.

Most of the time I just sat outside of these bars, staring at the many lights around me. Ships, skyscrapers, the moon. At one point I was so busy staring at the moon while walking, I almost stepped into the water.

Then there was this in the middle of a round-about. 

I'll just end where we started. This ship will soon crash against the Opera House as well. Wait. For. It. (If you're waiting for my camera skills to level up you might want to take a coffee in the meantime. a few dozens.) 
I hope you didn't cringe too much while clicking through my shutter-spam. Procrastination is done for today, and I'm highly annoyed about blogspot making such a fuss of posting more than one picture. I'll say something about the events I went to at The Rocks in my next post.


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