Sunday, 13 September 2015

Chocolate and Kites

Festival of the Winds at Bondi Beach

Say hello to Bondi beach again. :) Today there was the festival of the winds, and quite some nice weather too. Here I was all prepared in my leather boots, wine red thighs and leather jacket. Feeling all hot for once because that's just the way my boots make me feel (I take my leather boots very seriously, despite always forgetting to polish them). I think I was too hot for the weather today, because it tried to compete with me by suddenly being more than 20 degrees while it's just the beginning of Spring.

Okay, what am I saying. This confidence-thing doesn't sit well with me, I feel sick acting like it.

But that's why we have chocolate, to tempt us so much until we forget what other sickness feels like. Because before I went to the beach, I went to chocolate paradise: The Smooth Festival of Chocolate at The Rocks. The morning started with some free TimTams. As was the case with Vegimite, I never heard of TimTams before I came to Australia. Apparently, it's the Australian thing, alongside barbeques, kangaroos and koalas. I didn't have such a great experience with Vegimite, I mean, it's sour and black stuff which you're supposed to put on your bread ... TimTams, however, had a better first-date experience with me:

Red Velvet TimTams are delish. Okay, there I tried to use some trendy wording, but it makes me puke again.
I'll say it differently: Red Velvet Timtams are delicious. Yes, I love English. 

Much like the Aroma Festival (Coffee Festival) I went to during the second week of being Australia, there were many stalls according to the theme during today's festival. Chocolate was done justice. I also love this trend of authenticity that's going on throughout the world. Back to old school-turned-new school packaging. Much cardboard-colour. Simplicity, and supposedly trying to get us back into the woods:

That looks like some way-too-expensive chocolate I'd ship right to the Netherlands.

While wandering around, I would've loved to try the infamous Tella Ball or this oreo-decorated milkshake which I've read many fairytales about. However, the waiting line was horrific and I didn't have much cash with me. By the time I was done queuing at the ATM, I got distracted and suddenly found myself with this in my hands:

It's a brownie in a jar, covered with whipped cream and caramel.

I actually wanted to take the Chocolate Mousse, because it's what I do, I always take Chocolate Mousse. I don't know when it started that I'd deliberately choose something I'd rarely eat, just to try new things I guess. After the first bite I kind of regretted because brownies are so, so filling. I couldn't eat any chocolate after clearing the whole jar.

By the way, about the jar, I don't know why but Australians like to stuff things in things that are not made for those things. Canned kangaroos and koalas (no real ones, no worries); jarred desserts. I actually was more tempted to buy this dessert just because it was put into a jar. Now it sits clean and nice on my bookshelf, wondering what I'll fill it with.

According to the planning I eagerly made a few days ago, 12 o'clock was the magical time for me to hop onto a bus towards Bondi beach. It was time to educate myself with some traditional, Indonesian dance. Not before rushing past some beautiful graffiti, though:

I apologize for the awful picture. My phone only had 2% left and I couldn't see a thing on my screen.

Reach out and touch faith art. ~Depeche Mode

Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof woof.
Your dad let the dog out. Woof, woof, woof woof.
Does anyone want to be saved by a beach boy today?

When I arrived at what I thought was the so-called 'Festival-stage', what I found was far from Indonesian:

Some folk-dance, even though entertaining, not the kind of culture I was looking forward to.

By the time I got to the correct place, the Suara Indonesian Dance group had already made place for Chinese Dancers.

I stayed there for quite a while, because I still enjoy the richness of Chinese culture, even though a century of agony is behind each history of beauty. Same concept goes for the Indian dancers that performed after the Chinese ones. They were truly magnificent, in their coloured costumes against dark skin; their elegant and balanced steps; their controlled wavy movements. This performance certainly made up for the Indonesian dance I missed. Quite sadly I couldn't take a picture of it because my battery had died.

The rest of the day consisted of staring at some giant animals in the air like in the beginning:

Manta rays, whale and turtle. Some of my favourite sea creatures exploring the sky.

Once I had enough of those bloated animals, I went to look for some nice rock, as I had planned during my Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. Just me, the ocean and the novel 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn. No, not really. Also a lot of people doing the coastal walk. One of them shot a picture of me with their fancy Canon while I was just siting there with my backpack still on, staring at the waves. I guess it had some artistic vibe, because when I was reading my book a few moments later, some random woman actually asked me if she could take a picture of the rocks, but that I could keep sitting there, because it looked nice.

It was rather awkward to pretend I was still fully concentrated on the book while in the corner of my eyes I saw a few flashlights. Then again, I admire the woman for asking me before taking the picture. If it was me, I'd probably try to do it sneakily like the first woman. Although I think the first woman probably took a better picture because I was still nonchalant before I noticed her shutter sound. Anyways, the latter encounter made me smile. I swear it's the boots.

I think I'll do that more often. No, not to become an iconic girl-who-sits-on-a-rock-and-reads-books. It was cooling there and I enjoyed the sound and smell of the sea while reading. If I had a Macbook with its seemingly infinite battery life, I probably would've done my homework or writing there. I wish the place wasn't so far away from where I live.

Because when I tried to go back to the trainstation by bus, I actually watched about 10 buses drive past me and a whole row of people within 45 minutes. Too full, probably as a courtesy of the festival. At one point I just decided to walk to the station. Whenever I need to find my way I usually keep looking for busstops or buses passing by, just to know where I'm heading. Along with truly catching the train and bus back home, it took me about 3 hours.

So here I am, almost falling asleep, but forcing myself to mark this down because even though I didn't eat that much chocolate, it was a nice day full of surprises.

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