Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Quest of the Garden Hose Nozzle

Today I finished school at 4 o'clock, so I thought: "let's go into the city and see if I can find myself a garden hose nozzle". Y'know, just for fun, perhaps to annoy some kangaroos with water. Nah, don't be ridiculous, there are no wild kangaroos in the city. Sadly this is just something for school. I need to design a garden hose nozzle for my CAD course, but I've got no idea how it looks like on the inside, so I'll have to buy myself one just to wreck it. It's harder than you think, I wouldn't even know where to buy a toilet brush if you asked me.

So I started my quest at Central Station. There's nothing there, just hotels/hostels or restaurants. I walked around for quite a while, wondering if I'd ever reach a place with shops. It would be odd to ask a random stranger: "Hey, do you know where to buy a garden hose nozzle?" So I just kept my mouth shut as always. I didn't mind the walking, though, because I just realised that I haven't really taken a walk around Central since being here. Since I did do that just now, I came across beauties such as these:

A cute little beauty here ...

A random nice building there ...

And suddenly I found myself passing Museum Station, this is about two train stops away from Central Station.

Why Museum Station? Well I thought I found my saviour when I saw the Sydney Tower Eye in the distance, so I just tried to get close to it because I remembered there were quite some shops there. It reminded me of how I couldn't find the university when I came to Delft for the first time, but I could see the iconic red and blue building of the faculty of electerical engineering, mathematics and computer science in the distance. Except that this time, in Sydney, my plan backfired because there are too many skyscrapers here. The nearer I got, the more I lost it. Apparently I was walking towards Museum Station. From there, I actually found myself going to Darling Harbour:

Just past the flags ...

Then stop and take a look at the gate to the Chinese Gardens....

Look up at the sky and be astonished by reflective buildings ....

And there we go: Darling Harbour. :)

Darling Harbour is about 15 minutes walking from Museum Station. I didn't know how I got there, just followed some signs. Near Darling Harbour is where the Paddy Markets are, I thought that the possibility of finding a garden hose nozzle would probably be significantly higher there than at the harbour. Not to say that I didn't enjoy the sight, though:

The last time I came here it was full of boats. Today it's tranquil.

Can't remember the Ferris Wheel, though,

And of course, no touristic place would be complete without a nice cafe.
I've actually never been into any Hard Rock Cafe but I always like to look at them.

Anyways, enough sightseeing, it was time to continue my quest because it was half past six already and in my vague memory I could recall that the shops close at six. If I wasn't in such a hurry I would've just sat by the water as always, maybe witness the sunset. But I know that the garden hose nozzle was sitting somewhere on a lonely shelf waiting to be picked up. Yea, I must have thought so much about products as an Industrial Design student that I'm starting to assign human aspects to them. Don't mind me. Just go on and stare at some pictures:

Up to Paddy's Market.

Not before taking a look at this lovely water playground, though. Wish I was a child here.
I could even smell this playground as I stepped on those stones because Australia's water has a particular scent.

I swear that these birds are everywhere. At uni they terrorise whoever that has lunch in their hands.

While wandering through Sydney like this, there was something I kept noticing, besides the beautiful views and the reflections around me due to the shiny buildings. It was the smell. I remember walking on the Main Walkway at UNSW thinking: Australia smells kinda nice, just fresh and like home. At Central Station that thought soon changed like: oh, right, piss-stained pavement, Amsterdam. Then I was near the playground and the smell would vary from the scent of water to that of animals.

I'm slowly starting to find my comfort in Australia. Finally settling down, being more at ease. Just look at me, randomly exploring Sydney without planning to, despite having a deadline and exam next week. I am almost dreading the thought of returning to the Netherlands at the beginning of January and being bored and confined to my dutch room in winter. I hope I'm not getting too excited here, though, because I am slowly running out of places to go. I should do some more internet research.

But let's go back to my journey:

China Town! We're getting closer to Paddy's Market.

But first, let's take a look at this shopping mall...

Nope, no Garden Hose Nozzle here. Just frustration. I spend 6 dollars a week on one bar of this chocolate and here they dare to sell it for 2.50 dollars. It's torture. T.T I could've bought it. But ... must ... resist ... the ... temptation... e.o

Apparently, Paddy's Market is only open from Wednesdays till Sundays. This means that the last two hours were spent shutter-spamming than actually getting a garden hose nozzle. Not bad, I shouldn't complain. I truly like to roam around on my own. Being here makes me feel like I can make a good story out of my life, since I know I won't come back anytime soon. Maybe my nervousness and fear of failure is driving me to go out more often in Sydney. There is this unspoken expectation from people, and myself, to do something when you're abroad, because you're supposed to have the time of your life. Still, this garden hose nozzle was no fun and I was getting desperate. As it was nearing 6 o'clock, I asked my beloved garden hose nozzle the following:

Please ... Tell me...

As if the gods of Industrial Design heard my desperate plea, I found myself in a supermarket. There he was, in its 9 dollar splendour with seven (yes, seven!) functions. Whoohoo. Like I'd ever use such a thing:

You rip-off.

I can't believe I actually spent 9 dollars on something I'm about to wreck just to take a look at the insides. I could've bought three chocolate bars with that money. Hazelnut is hands down my favourite one. Picnic is not bad either, it is filled with peanuts, toffee and rice crisps. If you get a chance, also try Fruit&Nuts, it's almond with sultanas.

Then again I'm such a good student, trying to start her assignment three weeks beforehand. Hahaha, just kidding. Garden hose nozzles will never be the same for me anymore. It has marked its presence in my history and Blog Archive. That's quite an achievement, don't you think? That sneaky bastard.

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